Het repertoire van het koor is divers, van operette, licht klassiek, religieus, musical, modern en Nederlandstalig.

Dutch repertoire:
Music that expresses the beauty of the Netherlands and the individuality of Volendam, which includes songs such as “tulips from Amsterdam”, “the small café at the harbour” and not to mention the songs of Jan Smit.

Operetta melodies and easy-listening classical:
Operetta has inspired composers to write overtures, waltzes, arias, duets, marches, and enchanting interludes that are among the most played melodies of the Western world. Since this music is so accessible, these concerts attract many visitors.

Religious repertoire:
In addition to secular music, Volendam’s Vocal Ensemble also has a varied religious repertoire, including a number of beautiful holy masses. Every church is perfectly suited for such choral melodies, and there is a tailor-made program for every occasion.

Winter and church music:
In recent years, the Winter Concerts of Volendam’s Vocal Ensemble have become a household name. The choir acquaints the audience with atmospheric songs from all countries, interspersed with familiar winter and Christmas songs.